Firm Overview

PING Capital Management, founded by Mr. Ping Jiang and partners in March 2008, is an investment management firm focused on investing in undervalued macro asset classes including local and external bonds, currencies, equities, commodities, and derivatives.

PING Capital Management has built up an investment strategy which combines extensive trading experience trading across global asset classes, as well as a proven sense of value from Latin American local markets to Asian equities. A superior research team based in Shanghai and New York supplies the data and research for a long term approach to investing. The Firm believes proper incremental risk taking and short term trading not only increases profit but also allows the investment team to discover exceptionally undervalued investment vehicles. This combination of research and trading gives PING Capital its edge in the market.

Our Vision

PING Capital, led by Mr Ping Jiang, has developed an investment philosophy designed with the goal of achieving high returns through long term investments in extremely undervalued assets with low leverage. In our opinion, assets with exceptional value for long term investment could exist due any combination of:
1. Misconception or even stigma associated with the assets;
2. Complexity of the assets;
3. Stop loss activities by leveraged accounts in the market.
In order to discover good investment ideas, the Firm constantly pays attention to the global markets, carry out the comprehensive research on selected ideas, and actively engages the market through discovery trading portfolios.