Our Funds

PING Capital Management manages two private funds focused on investing in undervalued macro asset classes including local and external bonds, equities, currencies, and derivatives.

Separately Managed Accounts

PING Capital Management will provide management of a separate account to institutional clients.

Risk Management

PING Capital’s team has managed risk through significant emerging market cycles and major market events. PING Capital’s proprietary management systems were developed by Ping Jiang.

PING Capital’s risk management process monitors portfolio attributes including leverage, liquidity risk, concentration risk, and market event risk among others. The manager has a disciplined approach to monitoring leverage and determining capital usage. Each investment theme is evaluated to apply the appropriate risk tolerance and downside strategies. The manager actively manages position level notional exposure as well as overall notional exposure in addition to managing Value at Risk (VaR). The manager seeks to identify and anticipate market event risks and potential impact on returns and volatility of the portfolio by performing stress- tests and scenario analysis across asset classes.